The not launch day

Friday 7th May 2010

We knew not to expect the launch, the mast hadn’t arrived, but we went anyway!  It had been nearly 3 months since Pete had seen her, and he was really excited.  What can I say?  Even more boat-like (but perhaps not such a contrast for me, as Pete had experienced), with the stantions (? spelling) and anchor.  The teak deck had been finished – as the second photo shows, she is a work of art.  How many times will I stub my toe on that anchor winch?  There are more fabulous pictures, and I’ll make separate blogs to show the other elements that make her so very almost finished…

This is where the navigation can be controlled at the helm, with a repeater at the chart table.  The second photograph is the EmpireBus (I think) system control panel, which corresponds to the third photo on the “more photos from February dash” blog page.  Remarkable!

This will amuse some of you – we had a meeting with the engineers to talk about the configuration of the panel.  Lots of consideration of what was connected to what switch.  I observed to the gathering that there was no connection for the main plugs.  Much nodding! Much consideration about where to connect it to.  I didn’t say that I was wondering where my hairdryer might go!

Bottoms up!

From the underside.  It’s not that often we’ll get to see this view, let alone looking so sparkly clean!  The first are the eyes of the bow-thruster!  Looks quite Dr Who-like to me.  The second is the bow from below, I really love this one.  And last is the propellor taken from the rudder.

The next time I’ll see this, I’ll be scrubbing off the algae and re-painting the anti-foul! LOL!