Southampton Boat Show

Thursday 17th September 2009

There was a very long spreadsheet.  The conference calls that had to be made had seemingly increased exponentially.  There was a Lindsay to meet about fabric.  And some serious decisions to make.

We arrived early, shortly after the doors had opened, and were surprised to see that the first hall had gone.  Credit crunch times had munched one of the exhibition halls!  I didn’t notice much in a reduction to be honest (though the most obvious to me was The Moorings, which had shrunk considerably).  It was dingy and outboard first.  We visited three stands, with varying results.  All were slightly different recommendations which made comparisons for me more tricky – but the first bloke (with obvious hangover) was a no-no as far as I was concerned!  We collected so much information, brochures, promises and we took a series of decisions over the day.  Rope.  Lots of lines, metres of it (very heavy too, it turned out).  “Oooh, you can have blue!” I cooed.  We ended up with white (which later turned out to be an aesthetic disaster as Rustler supplies blue, as the teak leaks woodstain on the white, and blue, well, stays blue).  Too late.  Lots of white lines are now coiled on our workshop floor… And in answer to my previous musing, we had to carry it.  Fortunately the Avon dingy and outboard is to be delivered nearer the time that we need it.

We met Lindsay, after we had been to see the refurb of the 42 on display, in full Osbourne and Little glory.  And it was lovely.  Loved the cockpit covers (featured above).  Not sure about some of the interior.  We had a very meaningful conversation about durability needs, and a less helpful one (on our part) about what effect we wanted to create.  “Not bright”  “Muted”.  I wish I could have found the word “Minerally” in my mind at the time.

A full day at the Show, and we had completed only a fraction of the list!  We had failed to see any crockery we liked (perhaps these were a victim of cut backs), but I really don’t want sea shells, anchors or other cheesiness.  Fussy some might say – particular I say.  Whatever it was, the following day, Pete came back with his son, Tom, and I prepared OB for Goodwood Revival….