Shopping lists!

Saturday 5th September 2009

There is much musing to be done!  A year on from deciding to go with Rustler 42, there is the ultimate in boy shopping.  A whole boat’s worth!  I have handed over my spreadsheet crown to Pete, as the task is more than a scrap of paper!  He has created a monster list.  It begins with a dingy and outboard, through flares, to kitchen crockery (important, as the cupboards get customised around them, stopping rattling around at sea).  My musing is how it works out at the Boat Show – surely we can’t carry everything off in carrier bags?  The bus (term of affection for our Xtrail) will be miles away, and I don’t think you can get in and out with your ticket. Do you hand a list over to a chandler, and say “Source it!” I’d quite like to choose the plates.  We’ll see.