Mission: Yacht club membership

Friday 25th September 2009

The briefing is clear.  Your mission is to secure yacht club membership, from temporary to full, and you have one night to achieve it!

This was fast becoming stressful, because we had to convince two members that they would sign us off.  Paul Oliver, the clubs marketing man, has been brilliant, and I arranged for us to go to the club house when Pete was in the country.  About the only Friday evening in September!  Paul said he’d act as host, and facilitate meetings.  He helped us with Andy, who we’d met the year previously.  It was great chatting to him and a couple of his mates, out on the deck overlooking the Hamble.  Pete looked over dressed in a suit, a bit, but no one seemed to mind.  I got bitten by a mosie (through my leggings), but other than that it was a fun evening.  The best was being recognised, and warmly greeted by Heather.  I liked her the first time I met her, and we were thrilled she remembered us.  She has become our main sponsor, having met us the required 6 months earlier.  We left feeling confident that we had made progress, and arrived home too late to cook (shame), so we stopped off in the Riser for a pub supper.  Live band playing (REM type music) in the background.  It was a top day.