Boat handover – Pete breaks a bottle over the bow!

Monday 5th July 2010

We took delivery today!  The day had finally arrived, some years after the initial ideas and scoping.  Hels had bought us a bottle of Dom Perignon, which Pete ceremoniously smashed over the bow of Whinchat.  It was totally spectacular!  No ticker tape, no regal naming but a fake bottle was cracked over the bow… yes, a fake bottle.  Hels had befriended an actor (darhling) to source the sugar-glass bottle, had faked up the label and Pete had filled it with Cornish finest ‘Eau de Tap’.  The result, the amazing sight of glass exploding over the bow.  We cheered.

That done, it was all down to the checklist, as Nick took us through all of the main sections of the boat.  It was a bit like a charter handover, only much more interesting!  The snagging list of things to query, well, we stand a chance of them actually being acted upon!  The first on the list was a very annoying gas alarm, a ‘beeeeeep’ sounding every minutes or so.  The prospect of that sounding through the night wasn’t appealing.  Actually, it righted itself after we’d run the heater (testing the systems) so there must have been some residual fumes in the pipes?  Who knows!  No matter, it stopped.  The handover took a good couple of hours, and with brain at capacity, it was time to take a break (lunch!) and then re-group.  Actually, some of the snagging items were tackled – some issue with the battery readers, Pete stayed whilst I took Hels to Penryn Station.  We decided to defer the sailing til Tuesday, so Pete and I went to B&Q and Asda.  In some ways, a very ordinary end to an extraordinary day!