A problem of generators

Monday 28th September 2009

We received an email today from Nick saying that there was a bit of a problem with our proposed generator installation.  It also illustrates a point – friends often ask how much a new boat is built to your own requirements.  Well, after enduring a visit (or two) to Mastervolt (who were actually brilliant) we had decided to go for an in-line-generator, as had been installed in the 44.  Rustler hadn’t installed one in the 42 before, but were prepared to give it a go.  Unfortunately, we heard today, that it couldn’t be done – and it was a matter of inches!  It might have fitted, but then the stairs would have had to have been made steeper, and that gives all sorts of other problems…. So we’re left with the decision of what to do next?  A normal generator, or not?  It’s certainly harder to retrofit them, so….?  What?

So, yes, the 42 can be highly customisable, but I guess everything has its limitations.  Aside: We were at the Boat Show one year, and a prospective client asked if a dog house could be built in the saloon…. ‘We’ll have a go’, they said.  You can’t really imagine Bavaria saying that!