About us


Peter is a very accomplished sailor, having qualified as Yacht Master (deep bowing, please..), and has many miles of sea experience in his log book.  He dreams of sailing around the world, and has an idea to cross the Atlantic in 2014/15.  Julia will fly over in rather less than the 3 weeks it will take him.  Peter loves everything about sailing – from the endless researching of what kit to get, to chandlery shops themselves, to trying to sail when there is the merest breath of wind, and braving the elements to say “I made it!”  He’s patient and kind as a skipper (when he yells, you know it’s because there is imminent danger), and always dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.



Julia discovered sailing only because of Peter.  In fact, she only discovered that she could swim because of Peter…  She really wanted to try sailing, but had the major hurdle of learning to swim first.  Swailings unlocked her potential to swim, and Peter for sailing.  After 7 successive years of sailing holidays and a Day Skipper qualification, Julia is more than equipped to adventure and make some sailing dreams of her own. Julia’s days as a Geography student means that she’s goos with a chart, can hold a course and and relishes in the chance to be weather girl, at last. At times wary of the power of the elements, but ready to have a go and voyage where the wind takes us (except crossing the Atlantic)…