The public holiday weekend – so many people!

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July

C’mon people. When are we going to do something?

The weekend was one when we didn’t quite get going, or the weekend didn’t. Running the engine for a total of 40 minutes had provided more evidence that we have an oil leak, and the skipper knows which part of the engine it’s coming from, due to some clever membrane he lined on the bottom of the engine housing. It doesn’t make it any better! There was little wind on Saturday and we didn’t want to run the engine for more than was necessary. So the weekend was a little unsatisfactory, and poor old Whinchat became the floating cottage. Provisioning (we were even too late to make the Saturday market in Quiberon), laundry, reading, avoiding the sun… with a little entertainment in the mooring show as boats poured in during the late afternoon. They were rafted four out on the visitors pontoon, and rather surprisingly, the accueil boat asked (sort of) if we would take someone rafted alongside. We tried to protest, but without much success, as a small British boat headed towards us. It’s a tricky one, and will prove to be a downside of being on the hammerhead when we’re not there over the main summer sailing period. It’s not really what you pay for a berth in a marina. With some additional 50 boats overnight, it meant pressure on the showers/loos… Sunday morning I wasn’t going to chance it, so was in the shower at 07:00, after having toileted and returned the dog to the boat… Sunday passed in much the same way, without the chores, but with a good lunch at the restaurant in the marina – good food, terrible (surly) service. It was too hot to take Bessie very far, as the decks were burning under foot, so we rolled some stones on the scrap of beach in the marina and lazed around some more. The marina emptied during the day, and was reset to more normal visitor levels on the Sunday evening, so it must just have been a public holiday thing. Or so we thought.

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