Grand problem avec Le Moteur (encore)

Saturday 9th July

We’d made Whinchat ship-shape, squirreling all things that might fly about the cabin into lockers, and I’d toileted the dog. Long faces when I returned; there is a problem with the engine. Oil and water where it shouldn’t be. Penny, Bessie and I sat in the cockpit, whilst Pete tore apart the engine housing trying to work out what had happened. The Capitanarie provided him with a list of marine engineers, but in his heart, he knew that he only wanted the factory  back in Penryn to look at it. Gary in particular. Pete went to see the local chap listed, but was alarmed when he wanted to take the boat out of the water, and then the engine to assess it. With the factory shut until Monday, we needed other plans…

Saturday Pete lost to waiting for the local pirate, in case he found time to come and poke his head around the engine, so I took Penny to Bessie’s beach for a long walk, and then another beach (not on the Cote Sauvage) where she could have her swim. Penny’s routines are impressive, if simple. She could continue her morning yoga habit, as I produced a yoga mat (doesn’t every boat have one?), and she had decided after the swim on Friday, that she would swim every day. Both made her extremely happy.

So, for the second time in Whinchat’s lifetime, we have engine trouble. The last time was in Brittany too, but that was solved by an oil filter change, although it took me a while to trust it. This one, well, we’re not so sure. Possibly a head gasket, or a sump gasket. The latter being much worse. On Monday Pete spoke with Adrian/Gary at Rustler, and she does need to go back. Gary said that we could use the engine in small bursts, getting in and out of marinas, but not to motor anywhere…

Who’d have a boat?

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