Shore leave in L’Aber Wrac’h

Whinchat tucked away in L'aber Wrac'h
Whinchat tucked away in L’aber Wrac’h

The one disadvantage of here over our originally intended Camaret is the lack of shops. You can buy a loaf of bread but anything more and it’s a 2km walk to the nearest village. But with a bit of ingenuity we reckoned we had enough ingredients for one final meal on the crossing back to Falmouth. This did of course mean that we had to have every meal out whilst here!

The first night Tom had a big bowl of mussels and I a steak, washed down with a nice rosé. We then sat in the cockpit for another hour or two sharing a nice bottle of Spanish red, the next morning that didn’t feel the best of ideas, but luckily we weren’t in a hurry.

On the second day a creperie provided lunch, and of course we both had to have a savoury one followed by a sweet on, and a quirky little restaurant served up a delicious meal. Tom had a huge portion of fish stew stuffed full of mussels, langoustines, salmon, white fish and other goodies. I didn’t tempt fate and had pollack, very fresh and tasty.

In the afternoon we’d cooked up a pasta sauce with chorizo for our trip back across the channel so we were all set to go.

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