A mucky day in Muxia

Monday 30th June

We said that if we decided to stay to walk yesterday, it would likely mean two additional days in Muxia – well, it has! The weather Gods have held true to the threat of the frontal systems piling into Galicia, it’s arrived! We updated the weather information this morning, and looking back only at Thursday’s forecast, we were supposed to be in calm, more settled conditions, with the low (forecast, for sure, but not the same track) tracking more north… towards the UK! Well, we have it.
It’s gone very squally. A couple of yachts have piled into the marina, so now we are one of four. The others are all French, and provide such entertainment to watch them moor. It is no generalisation but they do all arrive with barely a fender tied, or a line secured (as blogged a couple of years ago).

We topped up the provisions this morning in town, had a coffee and used the WiFi, and then before the weather closed in, went for a walk for a couple of hours. We decided that we would head ‘the other way’ out of Muxia (it’s on a peninsula, so you have to follow one coast out or another), and ended up on a board walk along the shore, rather pretty, before picking up mysterious arrows on the road, pointing towards a footpath, disappearing up a hill. Why not? We thought. It turns out that it’s another branch of the Camiño, so we were back following a bit of the Pilgrim’s Way. If this is typical of what it follows, it’s lovely! A mixture of footpaths (through woodland, around fields), quiet lanes, and tracks. We took it back a few kilometres, over the headland and back inland some way. We had a minor disagreement on which main road we’d crossed – the one of yesterday, or the one that runs past the Marina – but as we reversed the way we’d walked out, it didn’t much matter (and I was right, incidentally). We walked through another small hamlet of Moraine, a couple of farms and a small church, both working. One had small crops of corn, some sheep and the other seemed to have a jumble of stuff in the yard, with chickens and rabbits. Both had chained dogs, which half-heartedly barked at us. They must see a fair few pilgrims trudging past.
The hedgerows were bursting with wild flowers – nasturtiums, daisies, thistles, cow parsley, small yellow flowers – all lovely, and in some places, we felt that we might have been walking the lanes of Sussex.

We managed to get back to Whinchat just as it started drizzling, so we had a late lunch (with a cup-a-soup, even though it’s apparently 25degrees in the boat) and then played “Hare and Tortoise”, a clever game, which Pete won (he had warned me he was “pretty good” at it). Pete’s been reading (The Goldfinch, which I’ve finished and resisted discussing it with him, as we don’t often read the same book at the same time, so the temptation is HUGE), and me about Krakatoa. I had to have a little snooze (what else on a rainy boat day). Pete’s declared that it must be sausage casserole weather (I repeat the same comment, yes, it’s only 25degrees in the boat.), mind you, I have had to put a jumper on! It’s the sound of the wind, makes you feel cold. We battened down the hatches about 15:00 – and neither of us ventured outside again for the rest of the day!

Hopefully it will blow through overnight, and tomorrow we can make plans to move. Will we break for the coast, or bimble across the water (a couple of miles only) to an anchorage, or perhaps head for Camarinas itself, as we liked it there before – and they have an awesome bread shop. Decisions, decisions….

Today’s haiku:

bright drops of sunshine
nod their heads, caught by the breeze
smile lights in my heart

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  1. can’t really comment as Rafa is being beaten by an awesome unseeded Oz. climatically the day started, after downpours yesterday , warm and sunny but clouded up now maybe in sympathy with Rafa. Hope you find good weather tomorrowxxm

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