The week ahead…


So, we’re still sitting in Baiona, after deciding that it was just too wet yesterday to do very much. The usual drill – reading, looking out of the window to see if it looked like stopping raining, lunch.. And then when it did stop raining, we went for a walk around the headland and along the coast.
However, today the clouds are lying high in the sky, and there is a little bit of wind around, with the rest of the week set to be very sunny and very little wind. Perfect for heading into the national park… as shown in the photograph above. I think we’ll be anchoring in the long sandy bay. All permissions secured, and settled weather. The gods are smiling on us.

This, of course, means going into ‘nature’ so no amenities, and no WiFi. There will be a radio silence from Whinchat, but expect a plethora of updates when we get back online.

Today we will change scene and head up Ria de Vigo, to Cangas. Hopefully there will be WiFi so that we can check in, but we can’t assume! We will take the ferry across to Vigo from Cangas – although the guide book gives it less page space than Pontevedra!! Until then, we have to make ourselves ship shape. We’ve rather spread out after five days ashore.

2 thoughts on “The week ahead…”

  1. more confused than ever by error message! and mention of ferry will Whinchat linger somewhere anyway have a splendid desert island week. xxxm

    1. Who knows what the vagaries of the internet are, but we’re seeing all your comments! We appear to have WiFi, but only if we sit on top of the office (I’ve chosen to perch in the ladies loo!!). We will only leave Whinchat for a few hours when we take the ferry from Cangas to Vigo tomorrow… and then on to the deserted island. Although Pete has tried to tell me that there is a restaurant on it… Hmmm….

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