2014 Shake Down Cruise – Mylor to Mylor

Friday 18th April 2014

Mylor Mooring to Mylor Yacht Harbour
(yes that’s it!)

Our set-sail date was Saturday 19th, but due to a change in circumstance (the ill-health of a friend and therefore a cancelled dinner appointment) we both had the idea to leave on Friday. Especially as the sun was forecast, and it’s always nicer sailing in the sun. A few days (more like about 10 for us here in Cornwall) of good weather and we forget how fickle it can be here in the UK. We were lulled into a false sense of security, imagining a balmy trip to the Scilies (sailing gold)… We then were invited to see the newest Rustler 42 in the fleet, Whinchat’s baby sister, Margansie. How could we resist, and it also meant catching up with other Rustler owners (Whinchat’s older sister) Mike and Trish. Well, a couple of hours sitting out on the sunny terrace of Falmouth Marina’s bar is no hardship, and it softened the blow of a Sainsburys run before loading up Whinchat and heading off.

Nothing happened very quickly that afternoon! We saw a friend outside Castaways (superb harbourside bistro) who’d been there some hours. “My God!” he said to Peter, “how have you managed the journey?” Full of jovial sarcasm, as the one of the joys of living in Falmouth is that we now live about 5 minutes from the boat, and not 55 minutes. So when we’d closed the gates, and I said to Pete, “you have your sunglasses?” and the answer came back “I’ll manage.” Two seconds later, “we’ve no red wine!”, the answer came back, “I’ll drop you with a load and come back for some.” Easy.

So, the loading (so much stuff as we’d taken everything off when Whinchat was overwintered) to a while, the effort magnified by the gradient of the gangway down to the pontoons, which were at low tide of a very springy spring! That tested my muscles! It was 17:30 by the time we’d unloaded and unpacked, so it felt more like beer o’clock than heading off somewhere for the night… and there were still weather forecasts to check, and plans to make. Mylor Yacht Harbour may only be a stone’s throw from home, but it was lovely to spend it onboard.

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