Don’t tell Whinchat, but she’s got a rival!



This will be heresy to some lovers of the ways of wind and sail, but since moving to Cornwall, we’ve decided that you ‘need’ a zoom-around-go-to-the-pub in kind of boat.  So, at the beginning of the month, we headed up to Hull (and back) bringing our very yellow Humber with us.  Meet “Kevin” everyone.

Yep, Kevin.  The photo doesn’t really show it, but Kevin is actually yellow and blue, and he was named after the fella in the photo below….  You might be right in thinking that Pete isn’t entirely convinced, but we’ve told enough people, and so it will stick.



This won’t mean that Whinchat will be neglected.  Far from it.  If anything, that was last year, because of my very irritating knee injury.  She was very useful as a floating holiday cottage in Mylor Harbour, but she really should be used more than that.  And she will be.  For this year, we shall be heading to Spain.  Ole!  More about that in due course.

I shall be afloat for the next couple of days, in Falmouth, in February (I must be mad) as I am doing a power boating course.  I shall report back, when my hands have thawed out.