Turnaware Point

5th June 2013

Mylor – out to the bay – to Trelissick – to Turnaware

F4-5 (E) with smooth and then bouncy seas


Oh, we’re really cruising this summer!  I’m sorry, but it’s been a very unworthy day for a Rustler (in some ways) but what a lovely time we had.  We decided that we’d anchor away for the night, but thought we’d make a journey of it by going the long way around in to the bay.  Quite a brisk breeze to blow us out, but then we hit the bay.  Ooooh.  Bouncy.Real sailing to my husband, but a ‘no-no’ for me.  Heavens to Murgatroid, I haven’t been in any weather for ever, nearly, and this wasn’t the day.  After about two minutes of lumping around, I asked to turn back to the calm of the Carrick Roads.  I know, wimpy, wimpy.  I had my leg (and my constitution) to think of.  We headed back, meandering along the channel avoiding the very shallow waters.  It’s quite surrreal when you head up along the Truro River and you see these monster boats moored up.  The channel is so important, even for us.  We might still be wedged now, if we didn’t respect the markers!

We’d talked about heading further up the river, but Trelissick was looking so lovely, that we decided to pitch up there.  Clank, clank, clank and the hook is down.  Lunch is on the hob (corn wraps, for a change) and we are lounging in the sun.  We can’t decide whether to move again.  Up river, it all gets a bit shadowy, and the sun is so sweet.  The winds we know are around are passing above us, and we’re all snug.  The only issue is that we might run out of water as the tide goes out… We decide to up anchor and move all of 300 metres to Turnaware Point, in the lee of the wind but with more water underneath us.

It is a magical spot.  Wouldn’t you say?

Drifting through the Carrick Roads
Drifting through the Carrick Roads

The afternoon passed reading, scratching bug bites (a downside), feeding the swans, cooking, hanging out… Just glorious.  Chris was right earlier in the week when he said we’d remember this as summer.