The haul out

4th June 2013

Mylor to Rustler’s Yard and back again…



A very brief outing today, to have the lift out to see how the “voodoo” of the ultrasound antifoul is working.  Result = Pretty impressive!  Well done, Mike Arnold! There’s a bit of weed in places (not bad considering the sewer pit that the River Hamble is together with an operational issue when it got knocked off by accident.)

Anyway, that was the day.  We ran into the next Rustler 42 owner when we were in lift out. Ken had come on a test sail with us, and now he’s days away from launch.  It’s such a privilege and a lovely reminder of where we were three years ago.

Anyway (again).  In and out and we were back in the water to Mylor. A lovely dinner ashore with the Jones’. I’m not sure my grammar is right, but in a blog, who cares?! Pete and I walked around the headland, and then walked up and down the hill on the way home.  15 minutes to the “new place” (fingers crossed, hopefully, crossing fingers etc, etc) and then 15 minutes down the hill to the boat.  Dodgy, dark road to walk along, but I’m sure we’ll get used to that!