We’ll remember this as summer…

3rd June 2013

Mylor to the Helford and back

F3-ish (for a while), flat seas


We asked “Shiny Man” if he fancied a day’s sailing with about 2 hours notice.  He cleared off his ‘to do’ list (to last a day, including a visit to the Post Office) in an hour, and was with us for a Grand Day Out.  It was summer.  The sun was high in the sky, the wind was a little fresh, but no matter.  We said that we’d be looking back one day saying, “do you remember summer 2013 when we sailed over to the Helford for lunch?”

Chris is great company, and for me, another pair of hands when I’m in recovery, is all to the good!  The winds were again from the east, with a smidge of south, which made for a lovely passage to the Helford.

Look what we saw on the way!



This is a baby cruiser, but important to the local economy.  Apparently, each cruise liner visitor brings in £80.00 to the town.  Bring it on, we say!

Our trip would take us out to the Helford, where we tucked in behind the mouth of the river, avoiding the kelp grass markers, and dropped the hook.  We baked in the warm sun, out of the wind.  However, by the time we came to leave, the wind had disappeared. It was a motor back.  All fine.

When we docked in Mylor, we were greeted by another Rustler owner, George, who came to ask if we thought it was G&T o’clock.  “Oh yes” we chimed.  Chris, Shiny Man, sensibly left after the one, but Pete and I rolled through to dinner (we had been invited).  George and Eve were entertaining, and it was a fun night.  If a little boozy.