Whinchat moves to Mylor

Our winter berth ended in March at Universal Marina, and we rolled over another month whilst we wondered what to do.  The Baltic was out, but what else might work with a defective crew?  The skipper scratched his head, neither of us wanting to keep her on the Hamble for the summer (cost, if nothing else for a half-used boat).

At the end of March we took a land-based trip west, and by the end of the long weekend had decided that there was no good reason (apart from family, which has been a very big one to reconcile) not to move to Cornwall…. Logically it would follow that it would be very useful to have a ‘base’ in Cornwall to go house-hunting.  So Whinchat has been turned into floating accommodation.  Not exactly why one buys a Rustler, but it’s a temporary thing.

Pete had no trouble in persuading our friend Chris, known as “Shiny Man” for his obsessive cleaning of boats, to accompany him west.  It meant that Chris had to come east from Cornwall to make the passage, but he was happy to do that.  They guys set off on Whinchat on Monday and by Thursday (sometime back) were in Mylor.  On the way a prospective Rustler customer joined them from Dartmouth, making it the ultimate in test sails!!  They had a great passage, not always much wind, but in April/May, you can’t choose the conditions!

From the comfort of my mother’s house, I watched them dock in Mylor.  The beauties of modern technology!  I had control of the webcams at Mylor Yacht Harbour, so I could watch them secure Whinchat to the visitor’s pontoon, and text them to jivvy them along.  Pete was clearly amused by this, as he was pointing at the webcam, laughing.

I went to meet them a day or so later, and brought Pete home, staying on Whinchat for the second time that year…. the previous trip being over New Year, that’s rubbish, isn’t it?

Whinchat will be on a mooring in Mylor until the end of October.  Back home for her, and she’s among her relatives.  Little sister R36 is behind her, and another older sister is the next but one.  I think she’ll like it more than the River Hamble.