The last leg home…

Malpass pontoon – Mylor

Friday 24th August 2012

S F6-7 and lashing rain!

5NM (Cumulative 782 NM)

Oh my goodness, was it ever wet when we woke?  We were expecting a storm to land over us around noon, so the plan was to head to port before then.  We checked the weather, and yep, still bad.  Pete went to knock on Little Dove to suggest that we left, so we set about preparing to leave. The rain was just increasing in intensity, so our last few miles on Whinchat would be in full foulies – including sailing wellies!  Not in the plan!  Such a shame.  The wind bent around the meanders of the river, and when we were in more open water, it was screaming towards us.  Unbelievable!  The rain was stinging us, the wind battering us, and we have to moor!

Fortunately, the guys at Mylor were there to take our mooring lines, so we were secured without much fuss.  Pete was slightly grumpy that we were on the outside of the breakwater – memories of Concarneau and strong winds – but there was enough west in the wind to blow us off, and not on.  We didn’t do much that afternoon – migrated to Little Dove to eat the contents of Sally’s fridge for lunch, and there were sat… Until we had to prepare ourselves for supper!  A meal out at Castaways.

And so ends our summer cruise, back where we started in Mylor.  I enjoyed it more than last year’s cruise.  More mooching, less about the absolute destinations.  Of course, the warm French sunshine helped, but so did the abundance of food markets and amazing fresh produce to buy.  It’s been a great trip, and unlike last year, I’m happy to talk about where we might set sail for next year….