Helford River – The Fal River, via Porthscatho

Thursday 23rd August 2012

S-SW F2-3 with slight seas

22 M (Cumulative: 777 NM)

We have one day of decent weather before it all goes “Pete Tong”, so the cruising party decided to venture forward on the Cornish tour.  Despite the benefit of much wind, Pete was determined to sail.  He lead the trend of yachts trying to sail out of the Helford.  We’d given up by the river mouth! 😉The wind increased a little, enough to have a second attempt at sailing.  With about a mile to run before the anchorage destined for lunch, Pete announced that he was going to fly the chute!  Eh?  It took 20 minutes to rig it, and we flew it for all of 10 minutes – enough time for Tim to get some photographs!  Result.  We anchored off Porthscatho beach, fine for the hour or so that we were there, but in the southerly wind, not exactly suitable for much else.  Very bizarrely, when Tim upped their anchor, it was sparklingly clean – like someone had blasted it.  Ours, by contrast, was covered in thick black mud, which took some dunking to clean.  How odd it that?

There was enough wind to sail back towards Falmouth, which was unexpected.  About 16 knots on the nose, so lovely.  Our destination was up the Carrick Roads, to find somewhere to tuck in on the Fal.  Pete was reluctant to take down the sails, and I had to overrule him flying the chute up the narrows!  There are a number of visitors pontoon, all pretty empty, so we were happy to take one near the village of Malpass, with a Rustler each side.  Pete and Tim talked to the Truro Harbour master who said that there were otters around.  Yay!  They apparently like the pontoons, and come for a nibble.  We, unfortunately, had no sign of them.  I had seriously thought that my wildlife count was about to rocket….  Another shared evening on board, which was super.  We’re really enjoying this cruising in company.