Planning the passage home…

Sunday 20th August 2012

A little earlier than we initially thought, but today it’s all about preparing to get across the Channel.  Hurricane Gordon, currently pounding the Azores (or thereabouts) will come north, losing its identity as it passes over cooler waters.  I’d love to be able to track what its doing, as hurricanes/tropical storms seldom move eastwards, but that’s a digression!  Anyway, Hurricane Gordon will get absorbed into the UK’s weather systems next weekend (not bringing hurricane winds, but possibly strong ones), so we’ve decided to be clearly back in port by then.  Our friends on Little Dove are planning a trip to Scily, so that’s where we will cross to.  Pete tells me that it’s only another 6NM further than Falmouth!  Of course, then it’s another 60NM back to Falmouth, but we’ll do that on Thursday.  So, a couple of days in Scily to end our trip.  Exciting!  The down side is that the days are shorter than they were, so we can’t make the 18 hours in daylight – and unlike the crossing over, there’s not much wind forecast, so we can’t rely on being sped along by the winds.  We will head to L’aber-wrac’h today, and there is NO wind whatsoever…  We’re sitting under mizzly mistiness.  Preparing us already to be back in the British climate!  I find myself agreeing that the best passage time means an overnight!  Eek!  However, after three night passages, I think I’ve earned one when I’m not left on the helm all night (sea sick husband).  Or I’m sea sick myself, or I feel sea sick.  I would like to feel fine this time.  Not even great, just fine!

Anyway.  Just a quick blog whilst we have a decent connection.  We should have one later in L’aber-wrac’h, but we’ll compete for band width with the kids in the sailing schools.