Fowey – Mylor

Fowey – Mylor

ESE F5-6, lively seas of 1-1.5m

24NM (cumulative 183NM)

It would be a 07:00 departure to make sure that we were all secure in Mylor in advance of the gales.  It was me up and about first, busying around the boat getting her ready to leave.  It was pretty calm on the water in Fowey, but we could see waves just outside the entrance.  We were eating breakfast as we exited Fowey’s sheltered waters – we weren’t sure that any of us wanted to make food when we were out there!   Continue reading Fowey – Mylor

Portland – Dartmouth

Tuesday 12 June 2012

SE F4, slight to smooth seas.

51 NM (110.5 cumulative NM)

Oh dear.  Our early start was nearly even earlier.  I made a fundamental error in setting the alarm, and set it an hour early.  At 03:30 instead of 04:30, that’s quite a material difference.  It wasn’t my best move, and the hour of sleep after the mistake-alarm until the real-alarm wasn’t of the best quality.  We were all up and about and ready to leave at 05:00, bang on schedule.   Continue reading Portland – Dartmouth

Yarmouth – Portland

Monday 11 June 2012

N 4-5, very bumpy across Poole Bay, levelling out

40NM (59.5 cumulative NM)

So, the ‘will we, won’t we?’ decisions went through different iterations.  We agreed with Tim that he’d report at noon, with several exchanges of messages in the morning.  The winds were behaving, seemingly, but the elements were threatening.  Rain, much rain, was forecast.  In a turn around from the norm, it was me that was most keen to set sail. Continue reading Yarmouth – Portland