Helford River – Mylor

Helford River – Mylor

E something, about 3, smoothish seas

11NM (1,477 cumulative NM)

 In the morning, I woke early, and had to sit on deck and swallow fresh air.  I was really miserable, and quite teary.  Pete was very frustrated, as he was feeling fine and trying to work out how to help.  His plan had been that we go towards St Mawes, and on another anchorage, but this was more than I could bear, so I almost begged him to let us go direct to Mylor.  Reluctantly, he agreed.

There was enough wind to sail, so we sailed out of the horrid anchorage (it was so lovely last summer when we’d stayed there, with hindsight we should have chosen a more sheltered one given the wind/sea… St Mawes might have been good… we might have then ended up with more time out at sea) and across the bay.  It wasn’t bad sailing, not quite enough wind to really appreciate it.

We had tied up at Mylor by about midday.  I have to say that I was very relieved to be in the marina.  We had some lunch and then showered – the new facilities are excellent!  That was starting to make me feel less rotten.  The day ended well, Glyn and Julia invited us to dinner in St Mawes, so Glyn had come for us about 16:30, and we ended the day in the cheer of friends.  It would be a really good sleep, and very comforting for me to know that we wouldn’t be rocking and rolling anywhere….

Perhaps not the end to the trip that we deserved – and certainly not the one that we wanted.  Pete has already started musing about ‘what’s next’… I’ve asked him not to talk to me about anything to do with next year’s sailing plans until I’m home and ‘recovered’ from the rough end…. I know I’m not being objective, or that I have the whole, amazing trip, in perspective.  Whinchat will be handed over to Rustler on 24 August, for a tickle and a little work, and Pete will return in September to sail her to the Southampton Boat Show… She will be glorious and many punters will fall in love with her.  I know then that I’ll feel proud to be a Rustler owner, proud of myself, and perhaps then, willing to consider what 2012 might have in store.